Caesars Entertainment To Acquire ZeroFlucs, Enhance Sports Betting Platform

Erik Gibbs

Caesars Entertainment is ready to bolster its sports betting operations with hopes of rising from the ranks of the U.S. sports betting also-ran category. In an effort to help make that happen, it has acquired ZeroFlucs, a company known for helping sports betting companies leverage historical data on their customers.

Caesars announced the deal on July 5. The acquisition was made for an undisclosed sum and represents a strategic move to enhance Caesars’ sports betting capabilities.

ZeroFlucs, established in 2021 by CEO Steve Gray, specializes in providing trading technology using a simulation-based pricing approach. Gray, a former senior staffer in trading solutions and digital solutions at Entain Australia—which operates Ladbrokes and Neds—brought his extensive expertise to ZeroFlucs. The company’s offerings include same-game betting content and a sophisticated mixing deck that integrates data from multiple feed providers, making it a valuable asset in the sports betting industry.

The relationship between Caesars and ZeroFlucs began prior to the acquisition. ZeroFlucs’ technology was already integrated into the Caesars Sportsbook through a previous agreement. This collaboration led to the introduction of new options for bettors, including unique in-play same-game parlays (SGP) in the U.S. and a broader menu of SGP-eligible markets for MLB.

In the release, Caesars emphasized that the acquisition cements an already successful partnership with ZeroFlucs. The company noted that the integration of ZeroFlucs’ advanced technology has not only improved customer experience but also positioned Caesars Sportsbook to unlock new product features and benefits for its users. This acquisition aligns with Caesars’ broader strategy to remain ahead in the competitive sports betting market by incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Following the acquisition, ZeroFlucs will continue to operate under the leadership of its founders. Gray will assume the role of Senior VP of Pricing Initiatives at Caesars Digital. Simultaneously, his business partner, Carly Christensen, will join as Senior VP of Pricing Technology.

A bigger piece of the pie

Since Caesars Entertainment completed the acquisition of William Hill PLC for approximately $3.7 billion in April 2021, it has been steadily working to enhance its sports betting operations. That acquisition expanded Caesars’ portfolio and consolidated its position as a leader in the iGaming industry.

[ZeroFlucs’] expertise in data science and trading technology coupled with their passion for sports makes them a perfect fit with our team as we drive to offer our customers the best sports betting product that complements our award-winning Caesars Rewards program.

Caesars Digital President Eric Hession

That acquisition and the ZeroFlucs purchase are parts of a larger trend within the sports betting industry. Major operators are investing in advanced technologies to enhance their offerings and become more autonomous. DraftKings’ potential purchase of Simplebet is another example of how sportsbooks want more ownership over the complete user experience.

As sports betting becomes increasingly competitive, and costly to operate, companies like Caesars are seeking technological advancements to attract and retain customers. ZeroFlucs’ expertise in simulation-based pricing and data integration provides a crucial asset that can help Caesars maintain its competitive edge.

The U.S. sports betting market has been expanding rapidly since 2018. That was the year the Supreme Court’s 2018 overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which had largely banned commercial sports betting in the U.S.

By integrating ZeroFlucs’ technology, Caesars aims to provide more accurate odds, better betting options, and a more engaging user experience. This move is expected to drive growth in Caesars’ digital sports betting segment and improve customer satisfaction.