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Schuetz: Cigarette Machine On Premises Reveals What Casinos Are Really Protecting

Richard Schuetz

"Now, many of you have suggested that I am a bit harsh on the casinos and I should work harder to isolate the good. In that spirit, I would applaud them for not using child labor in their production processes."

Is There A Problem With Operator Terms & Conditions? A Lesson From Across The Pond

Susan Hensel, Co-Founder & Partner, Hensel Grad, P.C.

"The solution lies in implementing clearer language, shorter agreements, and more transparent practices, but that is easier said than done."

Schuetz: A Tiresome Bout Of Problem Gambling Fatigue

Richard Schuetz

"One of the trickier jobs in running a casino is approving credit-line increases for VIPs, which is often done well after midnight. The player generally has been drinking, is out of money, and wants more," Schuetz writes.

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Poker And Casino Players Deserve The Same Protections As Sports Bettors

Steve Ruddock

What explains the discrepancy between online sports betting and these other forms of online gambling? There are stated and unstated reasons.

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Schuetz: Asymmetric Warfare And The Question Of Who Is Looking Out For The Bettors

Richard Schuetz

Asymmetry is introduced when the operators have huge budgets for lobbying, and the betting consumers have essentially nothing.

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Skins Game: Current Impasse Also An Opportunity To Get Online Casino Legislation Right

Josh Pearl

Thoughts on the importance of skins/brands and how legislative frameworks can be structured to support multiple brands under one license.

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Schuetz: US Sports Betting Regulators Can Either Heed Others’ Lessons, Or Step On Land Mines

Richard Schuetz

Brian Chappell observes that, in many ways, the betting operators and the government have highly aligned goals, which is problematic.

Schuetz: The ‘Ban Or Bankrupt’ Bookmaking Model Sinks Its Teeth Into The US

Richard Schuetz

In short, if you are a good bettor, you will be banned; if you are a bad bettor or suffer from a gambling addiction, the betting operators will work to bankrupt you through a variety of ploys and inducements.

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Schuetz: The Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Job Is To Call Balls And Strikes, Not To Pick Winners

Richard Schuetz

PropSwap was not allowed to enter the Nevada market for reasons I still do not understand, by an organization past its "gold standard" days.

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Schuetz: Shamelessness Reigns This Week With Louisiana Politics, Operator Snubs

Richard Schuetz

Sen. Pressly’s possible logic: Since the state is so screwed up, what the politicians should focus on is suckling the gaming industry’s teat.

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