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Schuetz: Operators’ Snub Of Massachusetts Commission Shows A Total Lack Of Respect

Richard Schuetz

The way that the ten firms stiffed the MGC was the absolute ultimate statement of arrogance and ignorance.

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Schuetz: Data Is King, And Other Free Advice For The Massachusetts Roundtable On Wagering Limits

Richard Schuetz

"It seems that we are gravitating toward a model in the U.S. that is less of a sports betting model and more of a sucker-punching model."

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Schuetz: The Nevada Gaming Control Board Has Officially Lost Its Way

Richard Schuetz

The type of turnover seen at the top of the NGCB is a recipe for disaster, and it is a guaranteed way to materially degrade the organization's effectiveness.

Schuetz: Okay, I Am Officially Old School

Richard Schuetz

What was nice about Siegfried and Roy's incredible professionalism was that it allowed us to operate a casino.

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The History Of The Great Arcade Gaming Era

Richard Schuetz

It was late April 2024, and the gaming press was abuzz with the notification that Dave & Buster's was embracing something similar to betting at its arcades. 

Schuetz: Monopolies Are Bad Economic Actors, And Unfortunately, Gaming Regulatory Agencies Are Monopolies

Richard Schuetz

Gaming regulatory agencies are monopolies, and as such, they feature high prices, are slow to innovate, and offer bad customer service.

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The Ideas To Police Legal Sports Betting Are Well-Intentioned But Out Of Control

Brett Smiley

There’s no need to add a trip to a 7-11 and an ATM surcharge to the equation in the hopes that they make the right call between the front door and glass door.

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Boxer Ryan Garcia Claims He Won $10M Betting On Himself, Opening Massive Can Of Worms If True

Eric Raskin

The drama continues after the Garcia-Haney fight, with a purported $2 million bet and a possible example of odds manipulation.

Schuetz: Lotteries Were Not Purpose-Built To Regulate Other Forms Of Gaming

Richard Schuetz

The Nevada regulatory model was developed at a particular historical time to handle a particular historical reality. But one size does not fit all.

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Jontay Porter Punishment Gets Us No Closer To Knowing If Leagues Are Truly Tough On Gambling

Eric Raskin

What will happen if and when the player involved is not so low-profile as to make the decision to ban him easy?