WSOP Makes History With Three-State Online Poker Launch — Just In Time For Summer Series

Erik Gibbs

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The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has shaken up the online poker scene by becoming the first operator to pool players across three states: Michigan, Nevada, and New Jersey.

This historic move, which the WSOP announced over the weekend just ahead of Tuesday’s start of the annual in-person WSOP in Las Vegas, marks a significant step toward a more unified online poker market in the U.S. For the most part, players in each state are confined to segregated player pools, limiting competition and tournament sizes.

This step not only expands the WSOP’s digital footprint but also marks the organization as the first poker operator to offer player pooling across three states, a significant milestone that enhances the competitive landscape of online poker. PokerStars has offered player pooling, but only in two states — Michigan and New Jersey. Furthermore, the WSOP may have its eye on Pennsylvania.

The birth of WSOP Online

This new multi-state platform from Caesars Entertainment, christened WSOP Online, offers a number of benefits for players across all three states:

  • Increased Competition: With a larger player pool, WSOP Online will be able to cater to a wider range of skill levels.
  • Bigger Tournaments: The combined player base allows for tournaments with significantly larger prize pools. This means more opportunities for players of all bankrolls to win big.
  • Improved Liquidity: With a larger player pool, games will fill up faster and wait times will decrease. This is particularly beneficial for players seeking specific game types or stakes.
  • Enhanced Features: The launch coincides with a complete overhaul of the WSOP online platform. Players can expect a more user-friendly interface, new features, and potentially more lucrative promotions.

In the broader context of online gaming, the WSOP’s multi-state poker launch demonstrates the potential for cross-state collaboration and the creation of a more unified gaming experience.

Expansion to boost WSOP Online Gold Bracelet Series

To celebrate this historic milestone and showcase the potential of the multi-state platform, WSOP Online will be hosting the WSOP Online Gold Bracelet Series from June 1 to July 21. This series, running concurrently with the WSOP in Las Vegas, features a diverse schedule of 30 events.

The online series boasts buy-ins ranging from a budget-friendly $333 to a $10,000 championship event. There’s also going to be a $1 Million Guaranteed Mystery Bounty Event on June 2.

For those seeking the ultimate WSOP experience, several events culminate in live final tables, and all 30 events offer the chance to win a coveted WSOP gold bracelet online.

Here are some of the highlights of the WSOP Online Gold Bracelet Series:

  • $1 Million Guaranteed Mystery Bounty Event: This tournament, taking place on June 2, features a twist. Players will be randomly assigned a bounty prize upon registration, with the potential to win a life-changing sum for eliminating a player with a bounty alongside the main prize pool.
  • Multi-Flight COLOSSUS Event: This massive tournament will offer multiple starting days, allowing players with busy schedules to participate and promising a substantial prize pool.
  • Variety of Game Types: The series caters to all preferences, featuring no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, and other popular poker variants.

The launch of WSOP Online and the upcoming Gold Bracelet Series represents a significant step in the evolution of regulated online poker in the U.S. By combining player pools across multiple states, the WSOP has the potential to reinvigorate the competitive online poker ecosystem.

This move paves the way for further innovation and growth in the industry, as online poker operators continue to strive to return the game to a level resembling its pre-Black Friday success.