Reel Lives: PrizePicks VP Of Communications Elisa Richardson On Dated Tech Stacks, Sustainability, And Atlantic City

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Every gambler has a story to tell. And so does every person who chooses to make a living in this unique industry.

In our “Reel Lives” series, Casino Reports shines a spotlight on people working in the gaming business, from executives, to analysts, to media members, and all points in between.

The subject in this interview: Elisa Richardson, vice president of communications at the fast-growing PrizePicks, which by the way just extended its pact as the official daily fantasy partner of the Atlanta Braves. Let’s get to it.

Casino Reports: Elisa, where are you from originally and where are you based now?

I’m originally from New York and now residing in Florida.

CR: What was your first job in the gambling industry?

ER: My first job in gambling was at theScore, I helped launch theScore Bet and knew then that I’d forever make a career in online gaming.

CR: What do you view as your signature accomplishment or achievement in this industry? Or put another way, what thing are you most proud about?

ER: As a communicator in the space, I’m always thinking about how to integrate responsible gaming initiatives within every announcement I work on. This is something I’m proud of, I’m a firm believer that the sustainability of the entire online gaming industry hinges on how operators view and champion RG.

I’m also really proud of the data insights media sharing practice I helped build while at BetMGM, it created entirely new narratives in sports betting media coverage. There is so much data in the betting world and I really enjoy thinking about how media can use that data for storylines that are out of the norm.

CR: What’s your biggest remaining career goal, either inside or outside the gaming space?

ER: Great question, I’d say seeing a gaming company through a full exit, so either an IPO or a successful buy-out – that would be fun. I’d also eventually like to launch a sports betting podcast hosted entirely by women.

CR: If you told the 18-year-old version of yourself what you’re doing now professionally, how surprised or unsurprised would that younger version be?

ER: I think I’d have to say unsurprised. Impressed, but unsurprised. I grew up playing sports and my love for gambling dates back to going to Atlantic City with my grandmother when I was younger.  

CR: What’s the biggest challenge, in your view, for the industry going forward?

ER: Taking my fantasy sports hat off and thinking about the industry as a whole, the biggest challenge I see is innovation in technology. The majority of OSB operators are on ancient tech stacks that were built for European audiences who have entirely different preferences when it comes to interacting with sports. Question is, how much can you innovate in a highly regulated industry while also fighting for market share and as such, feeling pressure to bring products to market as quickly as you can? It’s hard.

CR: How do you like to spend free time away from work? Any interesting hobbies or secret talents?

ER: I love to travel, I speak Italian fluently – my family is from Naples, Italy so I’m always trying to go back to the motherland. I picked up longboarding as my COVID hobby and now am actively learning how to surf.

Reel Fast

Another person in gaming who has my utmost admiration is …

Brett Abarbanel of UNLV.

On which social media platform do you currently spend more time than others?

X (formerly Twitter).

If you find me in a casino or on a casino app, the game I’m most likely to be playing is …


If you close your eyes and picture a casino the first one that comes to mind is …

Borgata, Atlantic City.

You have a 12 and the dealer is showing a 2. Stand or hit?

Hit (my risk taking knows no bounds).

First word or phrase that comes to mind when you hear “cannibalization debate”…


Last song/artist I streamed was:

Beyoncé – TEXAS HOLD ‘EM.

Favorite sports team?

It’s a tie between the New York Giants and the Boston Celtics.

You can follow Elisa on X here and on LinkedIn here, and you’re gonna have to ask Elisa herself how she got to rocking Giants and Celtics gear, says the Giants and Atlanta Braves fan.

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